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Victorian Minton
Cleaning & Restoration

Complete restoration, deep cleaning and sealing.


Victorian Minton Floor Cleaning & Restoration

Aqua Fresh Floor Care provide Victorian Minton floor cleaning and restoration in Coventry, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kenilworth and all surrounding areas.

AIf you have dull and flaking Victorian Minton floor tiles we can help!

If the original sealant is degraded it will begin to flake and make the floor look patchy and worn no matter how many times it’s cleaned.

We offer a full restoration service, removing the old sealant, then deep cleaning the floor tiling before resealing to restore the original beauty of your floor.

Aqua Fresh Floor Care Victorian Minton Floor Restoration....

Expertly bringing it back to life!

Our Cleaning Process

Once onsite we protect all sensitive areas before commencing any work. We then start by removing any dry soiling with a thorough vacuum of the area, followed by the application of a suitable stripping solution to remove any old and degraded sealant. We then agitate the solution by using a rotary machine to break down the remaining sealant and soiling – safely but deeply. This is then followed up with a fresh water rinse using our truck mounted system fully removing the sealant, dirt and stripping solution.

The floor is then given several days to dry – this part of the process is imperative for Victorian Minton tiles, if any moisture is left in the tiling before the new sealant is applied it will not seal properly or look correct when dry.

When we return to seal the floor, we carry out a moisture test first to confirm the floor is correctly dry for the sealant to cure properly.

We can use colour enhancing sealants that give the tiles a real depth of colour and make the colours look beautiful once again.

If we can help restore your floor, please get in touch!