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Travertine & Limestone
Cleaning & Polishing

Maintaining its beautiful and unique finish and colouring. We will protect your Travertine floors with a high-quality sealer or impregnator.


Travertine & Limestone Cleaning & Polishing

Travertine is a soft porous natural stone from the limestone family and although it can last for many years, it does need regular cleaning and maintaining to keep its beautiful and unique finish and to protect it from damage.

We will deep clean and protect your Travertine floors with a high quality impregnating seal.

Travertine is really popular and is highly distinctive and versatile. It is mainly used as kitchen/hallway flooring but can also been seen often in bathrooms for both floor and wall tiles. It is often used in both domestic and commercial settings.

Worried about who to use to restore your hard floor?

We are the hard flooring specialists and experts in our field.

Our Cleaning Process

Once all furniture and breakable items have been removed we carefully protect skirting boards, kickboards and coverings using the most appropriate materials such as low tack tape, waxed paper or waterproof plastic.

We will then give the area a thorough vacuum ensuring all dry soil is removed from the surface and around the edges of the room.

If an old degraded seal is present a stripping solution is applied and allowed time to dwell, before we use our rotary machines to agitate the solution aiding in the removal of any old seal.

The next process is to clean and remove ground in dirt and bacteria with our unique cleaning system which consists of using a suitable solution, machine agitation followed by a fresh water rinse, and wet vacuum removal, leaving the surface clean and almost dry and residue free ready for the application of the appropriate seal.

Once cleaned we apply an impregnator sealer most suitable for the stone, protecting you floor from both oil based and water based stains.