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Tile & Grout

Our tile & grout cleaning service can be carried out in all types of situations & environments, indoors & outdoors.


Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our tile and grout cleaning service can be carried out in all types of situations and environments, both indoors and outdoors.

Situations include kitchen floors and walls, bathroom floors and walls and even alongside swimming pools.

We will aim to remove ingrained stains and dirt from surfaces using the latest technology which gives us precise control of our equipment and ensures all cleaning materials and waste are simply vacuumed away.

At Aqua Fresh Floor Care our years of experience and training will ensure that your tiles look as good as new or even better.

Can we help you get your tiles looking great again?

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Our Cleaning Process

Once all furniture and breakable items have been removed from the room, we carefully protect skirting boards and coverings using the most appropriate materials such as low tack tape, waxed paper or waterproof plastic.

We will then give the area a thorough vacuum ensuring all dry soil is removed from the surface and around the edges of the room.

Our unique tile grout and stone cleaning solution is then applied and is given a little time to dwell. We then bring in our professional rotary machinery to agitate the solution, increasing the solutions
effectiveness. If the grout is particularly heavily soiled the grout is then hand scrubbed using a special tile and grout brush. This process loosens all of the remaining ground in soil and grease and
prepares the surface for final stages of cleaning.

The next process is powered rinsing with our van mounted high pressure system, to clean and remove in ground dirt, bacteria and soil using a combination of agitation, water pressure and vacuuming, leaving the surface perfectly clean and free from residue. If appropriate, we can then use air movers to speed dry the surface.

Once dry we can now treat the surface with a high quality seal. We use various types of seal depending on the type of tile, adding an invisible layer of protection for both tiles and grout.