Terracotta Floor Deep Cleaning and Sealing Bishops Tachbrook

We were called on to restore a Tired but beautiful floor in a scenic, village, called Bishops Tachbrook in Leamington Spa,

Terracotta floor cleaning and restoration bishops tachbrook

The Terracotta floor had been installed around 15yrs ago and due to humidity issues was no longer looking at it best. The floor was located at the bottom of a stunning cast iron spiral staircase, the area was used as a mini greenhouse and housed many plants, the watering of the plants had added to the humidity problems brought about by excess water and heat from the sun through the glass so the floor through the environmental conditions was showing signs of efflorescence which needed to addressed and to be treated.

Deep Cleaning the Terracotta Floor

Firstly, we had to apply a solution to remove all of the existing seal although perished in places it was still present in others so had to be removed.

This was followed by a deep cleaning process, using specialist machinery and solutions that work well with this type of floor. 

Once the floor was completely clean, we set to address the issue of efflorescence, this was tackled using a solution to clear up and further prevent any future occurrences.

Sealing a Terracotta Floor

We now applied a colour enhancing seal that not only protects the floor but also brings out the depth of colour in the tiles, making the floor look rich and vibrant. The customer required a high gloss finish so we then followed the seal with the application of two coats of a premium gloss floor polish, to achieve the level of shine that the customer requested.

If you have a terracotta floor and it’s no longer looking at its best please  Get in touch with our team at Aqua Fresh Floor Care on 0800 0862691 to find out how we can bring your tired looking floors back to life.