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Terracotta & Quarry Tile
Floor Cleaning

We can remove scratches & staining. Discolouration can be resolved & we can also provide the type of finish you need from a high sheen finish, wet look, satin or matt.


Terracotta and Quarry Tile Cleaning

We are proud of our terracotta and quarry tile cleaning service and at Aqua Fresh Floor Care we can remove all in ground soiling and ineffective seals or polishes.

Although terracotta is a popular choice of tile for kitchen flooring as it offers a warm colour and an attractive finish, it will show signs of wear over time and you may require our professional cleaning services to bring it back to its former glory.

Using only the latest technology we can remove scratches and even staining and discolouration can be restored. We can also provide the type of finish you need from a high sheen finish, wet look, satin or matt.

Choose the professionals to restore your terracotta and quarry tiles...

Fully trained, professional and honest pricing.

Our Cleaning Process

Once all furniture and breakable items have been removed we carefully protect skirting boards and coverings using the most appropriate materials such as low tack tape, waxed paper or waterproof plastic.

We will then give the area a thorough vacuum ensuring all dry soil is removed from the flooring and from around the edges too.

We then apply a wax and residue removing solution, followed up by mechanical agitation with our rotary machines, agitating the solution to remove old sealer, wax, polish, dirt, grease and grime.

The next process is to clean with our tailored cleaning system, which consists of using the correct cleaning solution for your particular tile type, mechanical agitation, we may then need to hone the floor to close up the pores in the stone.

This is followed by high/ low pressure fresh water rinsing, and wet pick up vacuuming to leave your flooring residue free.

Once cleaned we apply an impregnator seal – protecting your floor from both oil based and water based stains.