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Floor Cleaning

We can remove old damaged sealers & deeply clean and re-seal your slate floors with our unrivalled technology including slate impregnators, colour enhancing impregnators, natural & gloss sealers.


Slate Floor Cleaning

Slate floors are hardy, wear well and look amazing when taken care of correctly and are a popular choice for use in kitchens, hallways and throughout the home.

So if your slate floor is looking unloved and weathered, it’s most likely going to be either because your current seal is worn out or degraded, or maybe no sealant was applied or wasn’t applied correctly.

If this is the case your slate floor may begin to show signs of deterioration over time.

Our professional, expert cleaners will protect and enhance the natural beauty of your slate floors, we ensure that you are left with a floor that not only looks beautiful but is fully protected too.

We will remove old damaged sealants and deeply clean and re-seal your slate floors with our unrivalled technology including slate impregnators and colour enhancing impregnating seals.

If you believe that your slate floor could benefit from a restoration deep clean do get in touch with the region’s leading slate floor cleaning experts.

Aqua Fresh Floor Care will carefully restore your Slate Floor

Fully trained, fully insured, total satisfaction.

Our Cleaning Process

Once all furniture and breakable items have been removed we will carefully protect skirting boards and coverings using the most appropriate materials such as low tack tape, waxed paper or waterproof plastic.

We will then give the area a thorough vacuum ensuring all dry soils are removed.

This is followed by the application of a suitable stripping agent to remove old seal, waxes, polishes, dirt, grease and grime using mechanical agitation with our rotary machines.

The next process is to clean using a combination of agitation, water pressure and wet vacuuming leaving the surface perfectly clean and free from residue.

We can now treat the surface with a high-quality slate finish from our wide range of sealers.