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Patio & Decking

We are the region’s leading patio cleaners & using only the latest high-pressure cleaning equipment we can provide the highest level of quality professional cleaning for your patio.


Patio and Decking Cleaning

We offer the region’s leading patio and decking cleaning services. Using the latest high pressure cleaning equipment for patio’s and lower pressure cleaning for decking.

Our advanced cleaning service can be used for all types of outdoor hard floor surfaces including block paving, crazy paving, imprinted concrete, limestone, sandstone, York stone, slate and much more.

We can also restore your wooden or composite decking.

Making your garden a place to spend quality time again!

Beautifully clean and reducing slip hazards.

Our Cleaning Process – Patio’s

We ensure our work is carried out with minimal disturbance using the latest high pressure rotary cleaning technology and equipment. Weeds, moss, algae and surface grime can be totally removed from your patio using various methods and or solutions.

Our specialist equipment also ensures that no unsightly lines are left. An optional service we offer is for built up oil stains which can be treated with a specialist degreaser.

Fungicidal treatments are also an option which can be used to prevent the future growth of moss, lichen and fungal spores.

We can offer this service as a one-off application after we have cleaned or it can be used as a regular maintenance service. We recommend this service every six to 12 months to minimise moss growth.

Our Cleaning Process – Decking

We can low pressure clean your decking and apply a new finish of your choice.

When cleaning wooden decking care needs to be taken to ensure the surface of the timber isn’t damaged which can be caused by high pressure washing.

We will ensure your timber decking is cleaned in the correct way to restore it’s beauty and colour and give you a pleasant place to enjoy your garden once again!

We can also clean and restore composite decking.